Together we will analyze your situation and find the best way for the process leading you to your own fulfillment.

I will listen attentively to your needs in order to help you with the management of your emotions, your stress, and your relationship with other people in your environment.

If you are constantly under pressure, you might like some guidelines to handle stressful situations better and find new ways and solutions on a daily basis.


Conduct of a coaching session:

Installed comfortably, you share your situation and challenges with me.

Together, we will try to find ways that will work for you in order to cope better with your challenges in each of the areas that affect you.

We will define the objectives to be achieved and regularly review the positive aspects of the work accomplished.

The primary goal is not exclusively to relieve and solve a punctual problem, a dilemma or an existential crisis, but to support the overall well-being of the individual in the long term.

The sessions last between 45 minutes and one hour and are non-directive (meaning centered on the client’s needs).

They are covered under the duty of confidentiality principle, as applied in Luxembourg to all practitioners.

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