Bless your house!

Surely, you have visited an apartment and immediately felt comfortable there.

Or maybe you experienced the opposite, and felt really uncomfortable?

The result is unrest, and the desire to leave the place as soon as possible.

A special energetic house cleaning aims to increase the general well-being in your home.

Should you move into a new house, an energetic cleaning would provide you with blessings for a good start in your living environment.

It has been scientifically detectable that buildings can store energy and information.

Even the finest vibrations can settle anywhere.

Events, which happened in the house (like the energy of a deceased person), can be felt in the house a long time after the fact. All these energies do not just disappear with the wind, or out trhough the window.

For this reason, we use various tools in the energetic house cleaning  to harmonize the space again.

Divine energies and special prayers help to transform all heavy energies.

The goal of an energetic house cleaning is:

  • The liberation of  heavy energies and vibrations ;
  • Clearing of energies after stressful life situations ;
  • The recovery of a positive and loving living environment.

We will be working with several elements including prayers.

Also, by burning good incense, a pleasant smell will affect and guide you more than you will consciously notice.

It will awaken positive feelings along with the correct selection of various herbs and resins, according to your specific needs.

Many herbs have antibacterial and germicidal properties and therefore have a cleansing effect. By smoking, the active ingredients and fragrances dissolve out of the plant and spread throughout the room.

When should I ask for cleaning ?

  • Moving into a new home – to clean the energies of the previous inhabitants and receive blessings ;
  • After a death ;
  • After or even during a long lasting illness ;
  • During a separation, a divorce, or relationship problems ;
  • When stressful feelings such as anger, sadness, aggression are often experienced in your rooms ;
  • For recurring quarrels ;
  • If you suddenly feel unwell in your home ;
  • For anxiety and depressive moods ;
  • When you often feel tired and exhausted, even though you have sufficient rest periods ;
  • After traumatic experiences such as abuse or violence.

Fill your living space with power, light and energy.

Afterwards you will be able to relax, enjoy and feel comfortable at home, knowing that your house has received a VIP treatment.


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