Use the fire element to purify your body, mind and recharge your souls!

Fire has always been special and used across the ages all over the planet in many traditions.

However, the ancient technique of fire pujas has its origin in India and is a powerful tool for healing, protection, and creating prosperity.

A fire puja is a powerful Vedic ritual to burn and transform negative energies into positive ones.

The ceremony could be held on a daily basis, but is especially powerful in combination with the full moon as the moment favors connections to the divine feminine (new moons are connected to divine masculine energies).

This has a very positive impact on our physical and mental health.




What do I need to bring?

  1. Be sure to wear nature appropriate clothes in which you will feel comfortable for about 2 hours without getting cold
  2. Bring along a seat (folding chair, camp chair etc.)
  3. Bring a coconut
  4. 2 incense sticks
  5. and 2 roses.


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