I offer energetic treatments and seminars according to your individual needs.

I will take time to find out with you about the causes of your discomfort.

All treatments are meant to improve not only your physical but also, your mental condition.

Together, we will find your way to re-balance your body and soul into harmony.

As a Reiki master and teacher, I am trained in Western and Eastern meditation and healing techniques. A constant high quality of my work is guaranteed by my ongoing education in India, permanently continuing education and exchange with other therapists and homeopaths. I consider my work and abilities as a gift to the world, which I’ve always been trying to make a better and more peaceful place.

The menu on your right features the techniques that I deliver with exclusive quality and outstanding experience. Please navigate through the site and discover more about:


  • The massages:

You may choose between “energetic” ones and/or “hot stone massages which are more relaxing. Both will satisfy your demand for a deep and stable state of well being.


  • The Reiki sessions:

Harmonize your 7 chakras, balance and flow throughout several meaningful sessions after which your confidence is boosted by the ongoing energy healing process.


  • Quantum healing:

Discover how the laws of Quantum physics may impact your life through healing and transformation sessions.


  • Meditations:

Dive inside yourself and feel grounded, secured, joyful while you are being guided by my voice. In these sessions you will connect with your true self and live life with ease and appreciation.


  • Fire Ceremonies:

These ceremonies are for the adventurous spiritual ones that are willing to recite Indian (Sanskrit) prayers and sing songs for about two hours around a warm sacred fire ceremony. Under my instructions, discover one of the most ancient human traditions from India and the reasons why they are so efficient in your everyday life.


  • Mantras:

Continuous repetition of a word or sound helps concentration and meditation.

Usually one receives a mantra from his/her meditation teacher. Discover more about mantras by clicking here.





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