The good therapist treats the soul  and man is once again in connection to the universe or in accordance with his or her provision. “Nan Ching

Many physical discomforts like pain and headaches, allergies and skin illnesses have psychological origins. Hence, it makes sense to find the causes of the problems. I offer energetic treatments and seminars according to your individual needs. I will take time to find out with you about the causes of your discomfort.

All treatments are meant to improve your physical and mental condition.

Together, we will find your way to re-balance your body and soul into harmony.

As an instrument of the higher will, I am convinced that everything that will happen will be for the highest good of the person who found her/his way to my door.

As a Reiki master and teacher, I am trained in Western and Eastern meditation and healing techniques.

A constant high quality of my work is guaranteed by my ongoing education in India, permanently continuing education and exchange with other therapists and homeopaths.

I consider my work and abilities as a gift to the world, which I’ve always been trying to make a better and more peaceful place.


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