Experience a gentle touch of harmony!

“Matrix-in-Harmony” is a powerful, new healing and transformation method that works with the laws of fine-material energy and quantum physics.

Based on the 2-point method of Dr. Kinslow and Dr. Richard Bartlett and the knowledge of quantum physics, an impulse is given by a gentle touch and thereby the system switches into harmony.

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Matrix-in-harmony results from quantum science.

Everything that exists has an energetic basic form. This is an energy field with memory, which consists of frequencies (information vibrations), also called MATRIX. Our body, with all its cells, possesses a cell-consciousness in which the whole blueprint of health is stored “as it should be”. This makes it possible for the body to switch back to the frequency of health with the help of Matrix-in-Harmony. These Matrix-in-Harmony techniques allow you to directly balance and interact with the human energy field to activate the “self-healing powers”. Thus, energy fields can be neutralized or transformed. Physical changes are perceived.

Where there was previously a problem, solutions will show. Consciousness opens up, allowing many things to be viewed from a different perspective and act accordingly.

It is only ourselves creating boundaries through our thoughts. To live a happy and fulfilling life becomes possible.


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